Swan Children's Homes

Welcome to Swan. We’re putting outcomes at the heart of residential care for children with specialist needs.

Giving children with unique circumstances, needs and strengths the chance to live their best life Our specialist residential service has been developed drawing on multidisciplinary knowledge, research and expertise to provide the best possible response to the complex needs of children in our care – including Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Learning Difficulties, recovery from trauma and challenging behaviours.

Behind Swan Children’s Homes is a highly-experienced team committed to positive outcomes through individualised care for every child.

Swan Children’s Homes was founded in 2018, drawing on 11 years of experience working in partnership with local authorities to provide residential care and support for young people. Our vision for our first children’s home, Biggle Corner, was to develop – in partnership with leading experts and specialists – an innovative, residential service specifically designed to meet the needs of children with specialist/high needs (including Autism, Learning Difficulties, challenging behaviours and recovery from trauma).

We are absolutely committed to working in an evidence-based and holistic way, based on clearly defined needs, strengths and outcomes for each child in our care. We believe in forming a shared vision for each child, where partnership working is key to ensuring the best possible opportunities for each child and providing the foundations that will support them through transition to permanence in a family environment.

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